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One of the most important branches within civil engineering is structural engineering. Specialized professionals design safe structures that resist loads from the weight of the structure itself and loads from the external environment while maintaining stability and reliability throughout the entire service life. What are some things a structural engineer in Los Angeles designs?

  1. Floor framework (binding rafters, beams, truss frames, flooring)
  2. Arches, braces
  3. Foundations and columns
  4. Roof framework
  5. Bearing walls

Sten Engineering is one of the well-known participants in the design market. Our company has a wealth of experience and can design any structure intended for residential use. The engineers at Sten are licensed professionals who are ready to help you out.


Structural engineers generally deal with specifications and make drawings, calculations, reports, and estimates. Sten Engineering’s staff is comprised of qualified specialists with the required education and deep experience in the structural engineering field who are constantly growing.

A structural engineer’s goal is to take into account the strength of the materials used to build a structure and all of the forces acting on the structure in order to create a design that is safe and functional. In other words, a structural engineer makes sure the forces acting on the building do not exceed the forces the building can resist. Analysis and design constitute an important part of the Los Angeles structural engineer‘s job.

The job of a structural engineer of Los Angeles begins with the creation of a preliminary design, where the configuration of the structural elements being used is assessed. With a detailed analysis, an engineer is capable of determining the load on an element and, ultimately, of calculating the strength of the structure more precisely and its compliance with the construction standards in effect in the region.

It is no secret that any structure is under constant load. It is subject to vertical loads as well as horizontal (lateral) loads.

Gravity is a constant vertical load. The weight of the structure, including finishing, floors, walls, and mechanical systems all have to be considered. Horizontal loads are caused by the wind and seismic activity which create lateral forces. 

The task of a structural engineer of Los Angeles, CA is to design a structure that can withstand any type of load that can affect it. No matter which engineer you choose to design your building, the structure should be able to resist the applied loads and the documentation should be free of errors.

We are a team of professionals who value our reputation and the time of each client. Hundreds of testimonials and references from grateful clients make us one of the Los Angeles market leaders.

If you’re planning on building a new house or repairing an existing one, call us or visit us at our structural engineer office in Los Angeles.

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Our Services

Structural Engineering

Structural Engineering is a branch within the civil engineering sector. Structural engineers from Sten Engineering prepare calculations, construction specifications, and drawings for private construction. We calculate the sustainability, rigidity, and seismic resistance of residential buildings. Our process is simple:

  1. Free consultation 
  2. Approval of finished drawings by the customer
  3. Receipt of authorization documentation from the city


Get good service and prompt results from structural engineers at Sten Engineering.

Seismic/Soft Story Retrofitting

California is a seismically active area where special earthquake requirements for structures apply. If you do not want to risk the safety of your building, consider a seismic retrofit. Sten Engineering provides a full range of services associated with the preparation of design documentation for earthquake resistant structures.

How do we work?

  1. Receive a free consultation on the issues connected with Seismic/Soft Story Retrofitting
  2. Receive finished drawings
  3. Proceed with your structure retrofitting


Get the best price from structural engineers at Sten Engineering!

Civil Engineering

If you’re planning on constructing a low-rise residential building, the services we offer at Sten Engineering would be incredibly helpful. Highly experienced licensed civil engineers at Sten Engineering can prepare the design documentation you need for your residential building.  Call us for a free consultation.

We offer the best conditions for cooperation and guarantee prompt results in the preparation of design and authorization documentation. If you want to get the best result, engineers from Sten Engineering are ready to take on your project now!

Architectural Design

Are you going to construct a residential building? Do you want to erect an ADU on your plot? Structural engineers from Sten Engineering provide a full range of services associated with the preparation of design documentation. Buildings constructed under our drawings encompass aesthetics and technology, comply with the requirements of the Los Angeles authorities, and allow you to create a unique and comfortable residential facility.

Get a free consultation right now. Employees from Sten Engineering will take on your project and provide you with the best service for the best price!


Many Californians are interested in having an ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) on their land plots. Structural Engineers from Sten Engineering offer you a full set of services associated with the preparation of construction documentation, with which the customer can construct a comfortable detached ADU or transform an existing building into a residential facility.

Get a free consultation and request design documentation right now. Sten Engineering guarantees the best price and high speed in preparing documents.

Permit expediting

Obtaining construction permits in California can be an expensive, complicated, and exhaustive process. Entrust your project to professionals. We know how to minimize the document preparation time and are ready to quickly provide you with the necessary documents in order to proceed with construction. Employees from Sten Engineering can efficiently obtain a construction permit for your project in Los Angeles.

Title 24 Energy Calculations

In California energy consumption compliance documentation is mandatory. If you need Title 24 Energy Calculations, employees from Sten Engineering are ready to take on your project and provide a full range of services associated with the preparation of necessary documents.

Structural engineers will make the required calculations and prepare Title 24 Energy Calculations for low-rise residential buildings and ADUs as soon as possible. Contact us and get the best quote!


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