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STEN Engineering is a team of innovative engineers and designers who have combined their unique skills and technical background in order to provide a wide range of services in our community. Together with professional architects, managers and general contractors STEN is becoming a top-rated company in the construction industry within Southern California. STEN is proud to take every new project and make it last.

STEN earned its great reputation and respected name thanks to its hard working and dedicated team members as well as its amazing clients.

About us
About us

Evgeny Nagovitsyn, M.Sc., P.E.

Founder and President

Evgeny Nagovitsyn is STEN Engineering’s founder and partner. He is a highly qualified specialist in engineering with extensive experience in different areas. He holds a Bachelor of Sciences in Land Use Planning and Management Development and Master of Science in Structural Engineering. Evgeny is a member of American Society of Civil Engineers and Structural Engineers Association of Southern California.

Evgeny has more than ten years of professional experience, that includes work as a land surveyor in Russian Federation, and a civil/ structural engineer in Los Angeles, California. Evgeny has worked on different projects such as construction at Vankor oil field, where his responsibilities were focused on topography, surveying and construction management. After moving to California in 2010 he decided to bind his future with structural engineering.

Evgeny’s work experience includes masonry, timber, structural steel and reinforced concrete design, shop drawings review and collaboration with architects and MEP engineers.

Tomik Saiyadian, M.Sc., P.E.

Founder and Vice President

Tomik is a registered Professional Engineer in California and a member of American Society of Civil Engineers. He has been practicing in multiple aspects of civil engineering including structural and foundation engineering for more than 10 years. Tomik’s experience includes design of wood, masonry, steel and concrete structures, foundation design for structures on difficult soils and seismic retrofit of existing structures. Before STEN, he has worked as engineer in several prominent corporations on challenging projects including petrochemical complexes and high rise structures in Middle East, hillside and residential projects in Los Angeles and seismic retrofit of existing residential, educational and healthcare buildings in California.

He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Civil-Structural Engineering, a Master’s degree in Structural Engineering and a second Master’s degree in Soils and Foundation Engineering.

His main research subjects are new techniques for optimal seismic design of structures, seismic behavior of special-shaped structures and soil-structure interaction during earthquakes. He also has several research publications on soil mechanics and foundation engineering.

About us

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