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Architect engineer

Architect Engineer

Structural engineering services are popular in Los Angeles and nearby areas. These professionals use the latest technology and scientific knowledge to design structurally safe buildings. Experts at Sten Engineering take into account many important factors, such as: safety, comfort, and environmental impact. An architect engineer is a professional who prepares design documentation for the construction of structurally safe and energy-efficient buildings and other structures. Structural design requires keeping record of and calculating a large amount of data using the latest software in order to construct a safe, comfortable, and economical building.

What Functions Does an Engineer Perform?

  • Discussing the design requirements with the client
  • Making drawings
  • Designing prototypes and structures
  • Obtaining building permits and environmental impact statements
  • Complying with environmental and construction standards

Sten Engineering is one of the leading architect engineering firms. Sten Engineering cooperates with architects and contractors to create designs for residential structures. Our area of expertise is preparing design documentation for:

  • New Houses
  • ADUs
  • Additions and Remodels
  • Patios and Terraces
  • Seismic Retrofits
Architect engineer
Architect engineer

Finding an Architect Engineer Near Me

We offer design services in Los Angeles and nearby areas. We prepare the required documents and provide a full range of services.

Over the years Sten Engineering has accrued many successful projects in its portfolio. Dozens of houses, patios, and ADUs have been built using our designs. Whether you’re working on a completely new design or modifying/repairing an existing space, you cannot do without the help of an engineer in Los Angeles.

Our highly skilled staff has decades of combined experience. We are able to deal with residential structures of any complexity. Our design will allow you to construct a safe, comfortable, and energy-efficient building.


Contact us at the telephone number specified on the website to request a quote. Our staff will call you back to discuss the details and proceed with work on your design as soon as possible.

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