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Residential Structural Engineer

Residential Structural Engineer

Strict residential design requirements apply in Los Angeles and adjacent areas. If your goal is to build a house or extend the existing living space by building an ADU or converting a garage to an ADU, you would greatly benefit from contacting Sten Engineering. We offer the services of qualified engineers who specialize in residential engineering services. We can make sets of drawings and prepare the required design documentation.
When working on the design of a house, we first consider the seismic activity of the region and the geological data. Experienced and responsible residential structural engineers are able to keep your home safe from a great number of potential problems such as:

  • Cracks on the ceiling and walls
  • Water-caused structural damage
  • Cracks in the foundation
  • Termite damage

Residential structural engineers at Sten Engineering understand the essential nuances of residential design and can create plans that will avoid potential problems. Sometimes adjustments tot he existing design documentation can be more expensive than a complete redesign and failure to comply with the requirements of local authorities can result in charges and expenses.

What Do Residential Structural Engineers Do?

Ensuring the safety of structures is the number one priority for a residential structural engineer. Whether the design is a brand-new house, a renovation, or a remodel, a structural engineer’s main task is to prepare a design that will ensure the integrity and safety of the structure under construction. The engineers at our company are licensed professionals who understand all of the requirements for the construction of safe structures.

The structural engineering services market is divided into commercial and residential real estate. The general tasks contractors perform are the same, but the volume is different. In particular, inspection and assessment by several experts is required for the construction of bridges or large offices, but work related to residential low-rise houses requires a smaller number of details, which allows Sten Engineering to achieve the best result for each client. Residential structural engineering services are at the top of our priority.

Residential Structural Engineer
Residential Structural Engineer

Residential Civil Engineers Near Me

In addition to residential structural engineering services, you may need the services of a residential civil engineer who designs and inspects water and sewage systems. Sten Engineering can streamline the process of finding this engineer.

How to Find Residential Structural Engineers Near Me?

We offer affordable residential structural engineering services. Call us if you are looking for a residential structural engineer.

Contact us at the telephone number below on the website to request a quote. You are encouraged to google the residential structural engineers near me and click on Sten Engineering. Our engineers are ready to discuss your design.

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